All about the customer at Blackberry Hearing

In 2015, John Ryan and Dave Gleeson established Blackberry Hearing in Two Mile House, a small village outside Naas in Kildare.

John and Dave were inspired to do so due to the high cost of hearing aids and hearing solutions in Ireland. Despite the amazing and advanced hearing aid technology in existence, John and Dave were surprised that the feedback they received from people about their experiences with hearing aids was less than positive. People, they found, were more than reluctant to try them out.

Their research informed them that customers found hearing aids to be expensive, indicative of aging, and were of the opinion that they may not be as successful as they would like them to be. People communicated that they were unaware of what they were buying and how much it might cost, largely due to a lack of real clarity around pricing in the existing market.

People were also completely unaware of how discreet and effective modern hearing aids had become, and of the life changing impact they could have on their social lives.

Their research into the issue led John and Dave to establish Blackberry Hearing, and they immediately focused on building the company without borrowing any practices from the existing industry.

Blackberry Hearing set out to provide the very best quality hearing aids from world leading brands and models, and all at significantly reduced prices than those on the market already. In doing so they aimed at providing price transparency, informing prospective customers of all their options before making any sale. Blackberry Hearing makes the entire process as simple and enjoyable as possible, from testing each patient to finalising the purchase of the product.

Professionalism and customer care form a vital part of the Blackberry Hearing service, with only the best audiologists (BSc minimum, four years ) employed to ensure the highest of standards are maintained.The company’s customer focused ethos means no stone is left unturned in providing the best possible solution and follow up care to each client.

How do John and Dave know Blackberry Hearing is achieving its objectives? By listening to the company’s customers. Hundreds of validated customer testimonials are left on Facebook alone and can be viewed on www/

A Blackberry Hearing clinic takes place in McGorisk’s Pharmacy, Clonbrusk, Athlone. Call (090 ) 6470001.

For a clinic at Dolan’s Medical Hall, Main Street, Moate, call (090 ) 6481115.

Call (01 ) 6978470 to book a free consultation at a clinic near you or for more information.


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