Protest march to show support for Kenny Tynan

A protest march will take place this Sunday, May 6, in support of local man Kenny Tynan, who is requesting that he now be allowed undergo medicinal cannabis treatment for brain cancer in Ireland.

The local protest will take place next week at 3pm, beginning at St Peter and Paul’s Church and ending at St Mary’s Square.

News emerged in recent weeks that €500 worth of medicinal oil that was sent to Mr Tynan from Spain was seized on its arrival in Ireland, and it is this that sparked the idea for the public show of support for his cause this Sunday.

Kenny was diagnosed with a recurrence of a brain tumour 18 months ago. It was recommended by doctors that he undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, after witnessing first hand the impact such treatments had on his mother, Kenny refused and inquired about medicinal cannabis treatment.

As this method of treatment is illegal in Ireland, Kenny’s only option was to travel alone to Spain where it is legal. Leaving his family of four to undergo the treatment abroad, his story has inspired people to stand with him to call for a change to Ireland’s approach to medicinal cannabis treatment. Thousands of euros have been raised by family, friends and strangers to help fund his trips to receive medical help overseas.

This Sunday, guest speakers will show their support for Kenny once the protest march reaches St Mary’s Square. Cllr Michael O’Brien, a vocal advocate for the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes in Ireland, will speak. It is also hoped that Vera Twomey will be present to address the march.

Ms Twomey made national headlines through her relentless bid to have medicinal cannabis treatment made available in Ireland for her daughter, Ava, who was at one time experiencing up to 100 seizures a day due to her suffering from Dravet syndrome.

Ms Twomey voiced her support publicly for Mr Tynan following the confiscation of the medicinal cannabis oil sent to him in recent weeks.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “They have taken our friends medication from him, his medical cannabis the medicine that was perscribed to him and controlling his symptoms. The medication that has extended his life beyond consultants expectations. Kenny Tynan needs his medicine back.

“They took Ava’s medicine off me when we returned from Barcelona and we never saw it again. We were driven from our home to help our daughter, don’t do this to another family. Hope begins in the dark but we will we WILL see the light. Legislate now to allow the joy of health in our lives in our own place at home.”


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