Monochrome among most popular designs

It might not be all ‘black and white’ when it comes to decorating your home, but monochrome is still one of the most coveted looks in the world of interior design.

According to Cormar Carpets, it holds a timeless and classic appeal, and although it is a simple palette, the strong black and white theme adds impact and drama to any room in the home.

For those who prefer a slightly softer look, introduce soft dark browns or pure greys to the mix. This works particularly well in bedrooms and living spaces where a subtler design scheme may be required.

David Cormack, marketing director at Cormar Carpets, said: “All of our collections now include a good selection of neutrals to a greater or lesser extent - some of them warm and soft; others cooler and darker, working well with a pop of colour for those who don’t see life as completely black and white.

“On the other end of the colour spectrum, soft warm whites and off whites are coming through, adding a purity to interiors and balancing well with dark greys, browns or blacks to create an on-trend monochrome look.”

When working with monochrome, it is important to pick a colour that is going to be the ‘base’. Team a dark carpet, such as Primo Excellence in Dark Earth, with tonal furniture and furnishings to lift the room. Complement with contrasting textures but keep the feel of the room minimal and elegant.

“It’s an easy look to achieve and if done correctly looks stunning,” David continued. “You just need to remember to vary tints and shades of a single colour to great effect otherwise you’ll end up with a ‘monotonous’ look. Remember, while the look initially started as black and white, monochromatic can be any variation of one colour - whether that’s browns, grey, blues or pinks!”

The versatility of monochrome allows it to be combined effortlessly with other styles such as Scandinavian or industrial chic. For an edgy feel, go all out ‘mono’. Choose a bold black carpet such as Primo Choice in Jet and add dramatic black cushions, white furniture and metal fixtures and fittings.

If you are looking to create a softer Scandinavian approach to your living room, then select grey or brown shades. Warm up the monochrome palette with a super-soft carpet and lots of cosy textures that soften the edges and keep it homely.

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