Participants sought for RTE’s ‘This Crowded House’

Are you in your 20s, 30s or even 40s and stuck living with your parents?

Are you a fed up parent waiting for your adult off-spring to fly the nest so that you can have your life back?

Do you want to move out and move on but need a hand in the right direction?

Could expert advice and financial planning be the answer?

Returning to RTÉ2 for a second series, This Crowded House, presented by Brendan Courtney, may just be able to help/

In 2018, one in four 25 to 34 year olds are living with their parents in their family home. Most do not want to be there, and many parents do not want them to be there either.

The property market is in crisis. Rents have spiraled in recent years and available homes are few. Queues for the properties that are for rent are long, and it is a hyper competitive world out there.

Landlords can afford to pick and choose the tenants they want. And if you want to buy, well house prices continue to rise and home ownership is but a distant dream for many. All of this means its tough being a young adult in Ireland today. But for adult children living with their parents there are always options, always choices to be made.

Contributors will be given expert advice from highly regarded financial planner Eoin McGee and a team of researchers and advisors will help explore all of the available housing options.

To apply email [email protected] or call (01 ) 7088181 to find out more.


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