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The Irish pub as existential prison

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JEAN PAUL Sartre's famous view that "Hell is other people", captured the difficulties of coexistence, and how an individual can feel alienated from those around him/her.

New farce starring Edwin Sammon @ Galway Fringe

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A COMPULSIVE liar asks his eejit of a friend to pose as his psychiatrist for a couple's counselling session, because what could go wrong if you were to try that, right?

Blue Wine - one act comedy for the Fringe

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THREE HOUSEMATES, one as eccentric as the other, are desperately trying to pawn off a mysterious artifact, only to find themselves in a series of bizarre situations caused by that very same artifact.

Aisling’s Seven – blending bank heists with romance

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ASHLING AND Dan have a plan. Armed with nothing but their wits and a crime caper film obsession, they are plotting a daring heist on the Central Bank in Dublin.

The Bretons are coming - famed pop art collective at Fringe

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THIS YEAR'S Galway Fringe Festival visual arts programme features a special exhibition of 'rural pop art' by the celebrated Breton collective Hangar’t. The group hails from the village of Nizon, near Pont-Aven southern Brittany, an area which greatly inspired the work of Paul Gauguin.

Galway Fringe Festival 2016

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MORE THAN 100 events, across theatre, music, comedy, and visual arts, as well as a new cinema strand, make up the fifth Galway Fringe Festival, which runs from Saturday July 9 to Monday 25.

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