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Double decisions — what should you do?

Q: If I have a job interview on a Tuesday and another (more preferred) interview on a Wednesday how should I handle it if the Tuesday interview results in an offer on the spot? Should I accept the first offer and then decline it if the second one becomes available? Would this put the first offer in jeopardy? I certainly wouldn’t want to insult anyone and appear to be hedging my bets (even though that’s what I would be doing). Any suggestions? Thanks. (JM, email).

Apply for, or sit tight for six months?

Q. I have recently been told I’m going to be made redundant form my job in six months’ time. However, a job has become available in another company close to where I live but the catch is that it has a significantly lower salary. Do I go for this job even though the salary is dramatically inferior or do I sit tight for the time being? Any suggestions as to what I should do? (LL, email.)

Three views on making a meddling manager redundant in the interview process

Q: I am going for a middle management interview with the group business development manager. We don’t really get on, mainly because I disagree with how he goes about his business – to be blunt about it, he’d sell his granny. I want the job, but am not sure how I should handle the fact that I do things differently. Any suggestions? (LR, email.)

Going the extra, extra mile in job-searching

Q: I have been trying to get a job for the last 19 months. And, yes I have really tried: I mean, really, really tried. I have fine tuned my CV. I have gone to networking meetings. I have told friends and all sorts of random acquaintances that I am looking for work, and the type of work I’m looking for – but still all to no avail. But I am going to give up. Are there any websites you can recommend that might add a little bit more to my job search? (TC, email).

Preparation remains the CV key

Many times I have been asked the question: “how do I get that job?”.  My answer is always the same: “preparation”. It can never be emphasised enough how important it is to be prepared when applying for a position, writes Paul Aspell, Career Coach. 


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