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Explore our heritage in the spoken word

There are many fascinating little gems of our heritage contained in the words we speak every day but go unnoticed. For example, the name Scotland translates as ‘land of the Irish’, while another country name literally means ‘fierce people’. The surname Cameron is a transliteration of cama shrón, which Irish speakers will translate as ‘crooked nose’, and Cambell comes from cam béal, meaning ‘crooked mouth’.

GMIT students union condemns sexist student web pages

Sexist and degrading Facebook pages which encouraged Galway students to comment on the looks, clothes and circumstances of others, have been condemned by the GMIT Students Union.


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Excitement, intrigue, great camera work, a magic pill that will awaken your mind’s full potential, and a leading man who is just gorgeous, what more can one ask for, however given this tease of action and suspense early on I couldn’t help but feel a little let down by the lack lustre ending.

New figures show young Mayo people are leaving our shores – O’Mahony

Figures showing 154 fewer people under the age of 25 signing on the Live Register in Mayo now than 12 months ago should not be regarded as a vindication of Government policy in the area of creating employment but as a stark reminder that the emigration of young people from this county has raised its ugly head again,

The Social Network

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You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies, especially if you are the socially challenged genius computer nerd Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the world conquering Facebook. Through fast-talking dialogue and scenes which switch back and forth at relentless, sometimes dizzying, pace we see the highs, the lows, the falling outs and countless lawsuits that supposedly plagued the early days of this social network phenomenon.

ISSU hits out at cheating and exam mix ups

As Leaving Cert students continue to toil away through their final year exams this week, the unfortunate incidence of cheating has raised its ugly head. Responding to the discovery of a number of cases of cheating by students in some of the earlier exams of both the Junior and Leaving Cert, the Irish Second Level Student Union (ISSU) has called for any student who may have witnessed cheating to report it to the relevant authorities.

An A-Z review of 2008

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A - Has to be for All-star awards as Westmeath had an unprecedented three nominations, and collected two awards on the night. Gary Connaughton was a popular winner of the number one spot while John Keane picked up his second award at corner back. Michael Ennis was somewhat unlucky not to collect one at wing back following some outstanding performances throughout the year on the wing. It could be some time again before we collect two all-stars in the same year.


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