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Little John and his songs from the Swilly delta

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BELL, BOOK, and Candle, Paul Deacy’s swinging-est hipster book and music emporium, was the venue recently for the launch of Songs From The Swilly Delta, the fine new album from Little John Nee and the Caledonia Highly Strung Orchestra.

Everest mountaineer for Castlebar talk

An explorer and mountaineer, who was deputy-leader of the first successful Irish ascent of Everest in 1993, is coming to Castlebar and speaking at GMIT next Wednesday at 8pm.

NUI Galway physicist receives prestigious Appleton Medal

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Professor of physics at NUI Galway, Colin O’Dowd, has won a prestigious academic award from the Institute of Physics in London.

High tech cooking

These days everything seems to be classed as ‘high-tech’ from phones to cars to iPads to games to television on demand. Now the ancient art of cooking has entered an era of research and is producing a food style that is know as molecular gastronomy. Over the centuries cooking has evolved mainly through trial and error, noting carefully what worked and then attempting to replicate it again and again. That is the basis of a recipe and now we have thousands if not millions of recipe books to choose from. However, there has been very little pure research into exactly why certain recipes worked at the molecular level.

Local teacher scoops science award

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A local Galway teacher has become the first in Ireland to be awarded the prestigious Teacher of Primary Science Award 2010 for her dedication and passion for educating her students.There is a chant which regularly brings Jane McLoughlin's senior infants class at Scoil Chaitriona, in Renmore, to life.

Iron Man 2

IF I was never a Marvel fan before I certainly am now, as Iron Man 2 packs a punch with incredible action scenes and the clever development of main character Tony Stark - a man you would love to hate but end up adoring despite his obvious flaws, namely his huge ego.

Cinema Review - Star Trek

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As one who thought that yet another addition to the ‘done to death’ Star Trek franchise would be a terrible idea I have to admit that this time the film has boldly gone where it should go.

Cinema Review - Angels & Demons

As a bit of a Dan Brown fan I cringed at the first movie attempt, and expected very little from the second but Angels & Demons was a blessed surprise.


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