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'Ilenkus is a marriage between sounds'

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THERE ARE few sonic hurricanes of such intense fearsomeness as that which is unleashed by Galway post-metal band Ilenkus, and in their new EP, Hunger, they have delivered their most uncompromisingly ferocious music to date.

Girl Band set to play Garbos next Friday

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Radiohead's Thom Yorke said, “This is me and my son's favourite music at the moment” when speaking about Irish noisemakers Girl Band on BBC Radio One just before Christmas. The band will be headlining a show at the Garbo's venue next Friday, April 7. The last few years have been momentous for Girl Band. Their most recent album “Holding Hands With Jamie” on Rough Trade has raised great acclaim from The Guardian, NME, NPR, Vice, and further afield, they have been named as one of the best new bands of 2016 by Stereogum and one of the best rock bands active today by SPIN.

Harvester - championing classic metal values

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WHEN IT comes to metal I am unapologetically old school. When I hit play I want the riffs of a Tony Iommi, the leads of Murray/Smith or a Gorham/Robertson, and all that topped with the voice of a Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford.

Na Cruithne - debut album launch in Galway

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NA CRUITHNE, the folk-metal sextet, who fuse groove and black metal with the traditional musics of Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany, launch their debut album, Gairm an Fhiantais, with a concert next week.

The Redneck Manifesto - 11 essential tracks

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POST-ROCK, indie-rock, jazz, metal, hardcore, and avant-garde all fuse brilliantly in the music of The Redneck Manifesto, arguably Ireland's greatest post-rock band. With the band touring this month, and rumours of new material on the way, we present a 'Best Of' the Dublin quintet's work to date:

Spirulina - nature’s most complete food

Spirulina is often referred to as a ‘superfood’ as it contains all eight essential amino acids plus well over 100 nutrients and antioxidants.

Handel’s Messiah - 'always dramatic and satisfying'

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AN ANNUAL favourite, the Irish Baroque Orchestra’s production of Handel’s glorious masterpiece, Messiah, returns to Galway on Saturday December 10 at 7.30pm, with the work directed by the artistic director of the Irish Baroque Orchestra, Monica Hugget, world renowned for her expressive and impassioned performances.

FEAST brings the metal to the Róisín

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MARES OF DIOMEDES, the doom/fuzz/sludge metal band are back in Galway this weekend, having just released a new split record with Copenhagen based purveyors of bleak doom, Dreich.

Terrordome to headline metal/punk night

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TRASH METAL, sludge metal, prog and punk from Poland, Dublin, and Galway will be heard loud and unleashed when Terrordome, Snowblind, Ten Ton Slug, and Psychopigs, play the next Hexen Haus gig.

Blood Thread - metal band to make Galway debut

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BLOOD THREAD will bring their bone crushing, modern, death metal to Galway next week for what will be the Scottish band's first appearance in this city, accompanied by Words That Burn, who are also making their Galway debut.


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