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Erin McKeown - new album and Róisín Dubh show

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“A COUPLE of years ago, I found myself at a cross-roads. It was no longer sustainable to participate in a traditional label relationship. It was no longer possible to keep my political and musical selves separate.

Cinema review: Toy Story 3

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Eleven years after Pixar’s second installment of the phenomenally successful Toy Story series, Woody, Buzz, Andy and the rest of the colourful gang are back for one more momentous outing.

Saving old buildings with new ideas

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When it comes to planning applications in Galway, whether it is for a new building, or the renovation of an old building, modernisation or improvement, there are two strands of thought that can affect the decision from the local authority. I may not have all the technical jargon, but I understand that one side of the argument insists that pretty well every building that is a few generations old should be preserved. Any additional building must use the same or similar materials so that the addition appears to be a seamless add on.


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