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Cinema review: Tomorrowland

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DISNEY STRUCK gold in 2003 when it turned one of its theme park rides into the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that went on to gross $3.7 billion. Since then it has been looking for a similar live action franchise and not had much luck.

Free water welcome - Naughten

Deputy Denis Naughten has welcomed the news that the Water Regulator has accepted that families in County Roscommon who cannot drink their water will not have to pay for it from October 1.

Minister’s reply on Gaeltacht areas funding is too vague — Conway Walsh

It is inexcusable that, with only two years left of the LEADER Programme, Gaeltacht areas are in the seventh month of waiting for a mechanism to distribute the funding, according to Sinn Féin councillor Rose Conway-Walsh. Cllr Conway-Walsh said the reply on the matter from Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan was totally inaequate.

Three letters on my desk...

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Last September I wrote a number of Diary entries on the wonderful reception that Galway extended to the survivors of the SS Athenia, torpedoed off the Donegal coast on September 3 1939, the very first day of the war. The ship was sunk by Fritz Julius Lemp, the commander of the U-30. The Athenia was obviously a passenger boat on its way with refugees from Europe to Canada. This wasn’t the start to the war that the German government wanted. Initially it denied that any of its submarines sank the Athenia, and suggested that it was sunk by the British on orders from Winston Churchill in the hope of getting America into the war.


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