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Shamanic massage at Achebusters

Shamans, in Ireland called spiritual healers, are the keepers of a body of spiritual techniques used to maintain good health, or to heal ourselves and others. Shamans use meditation, visualisation, yoga, massage, prayer, poetry, songs, or drumming to induce altered states of consciousness, so that the patient relaxes their body, allowing healing to take place at a subconscious level. When the body is deeply relaxed, tension disappears, the racing mind slows down, and the body’s own natural healing mechanism steps in.

Into the Heartland of Final Fantasy

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FINAL FANTASY’S new album will be “a romantic epic about nothingness” featuring love songs to women that will nonetheless be “still pretty gay”. Strange? Probably. Intriguing? Yes. And the man behind it all is coming to play these songs in Galway.


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