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Linenhall Film Club presents Tangerines

Linenhall Film Club continues its spring 2016 season with the eloquent humanist Estonian/Georgian film, Tangerines, on Tuesday February 16 at 8pm.

The Addams Family are coming to Ballinrobe

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The stage is set for America’s most dysfunctional family to come to town, and no, it's not the Kardashians! This year Ballinrobe Musical Society is proud to present The Addams Family.

Synge’s Aran Islands at the Town Hall

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JOHN MILLINGTON Synge’s classic prose work, The Aran Islands, comes to the Town Hall Theatre stage next week in a compelling adaptation by Joe O’Byrne and Co-Motion Media, and performed by Brendan Conroy, one of Ireland's finest actors.

Cinema review: The Big Short

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TRYING TO get your head around the subprime mortgage bubble can be hard. I was under the impression virtually no one came away making any money and it was an all around disaster. The anger comes at the greed and the negligence of the big banks but it's hard to accuse organisation's which acted maliciously.

SUBTITLE European Film Festival returns to Galway

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MODERN FRENCH cinema classic A Prophet, hit Danish rom-com Love Is All You Need, and the new Russian film Single, can all be seen at SUBTITLE, the annual European weekend film festival at the Town Hall Theatre, from Friday January 29 to Sunday 31.

The Poor Little Boy With No Arms

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NEW DUBLIN ensemble, One Duck Theatre Company, arrive in the Town Hall Theatre on Tuesday January 26 at 8pm, with the world premiere production of its debut play, The Poor Little Boy with No Arms. A fast-paced, dark comedy-drama, it explores secrecy, control, and the Irish psyche.

Galway gets numerous nominations in Irish Theatre Awards

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GALWAY THEATRE companies and actrors have been nominated in 11 of 13 The Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards, representing 30 per cent of the total number of nominations.

Language Unbecoming A Lady – a play that shows how far we’ve come

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LIMERICK'S BOTTOM Dog Theatre Company comes to the Town Hall Theatre Thursday January 21 at 8pm, with Myles Breen’s award-winning one-man play, Language Unbecoming A Lady.

Caged birds sing in Music For Galway’s midwinter festival

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THE NEW year might only be a couple of weeks old but it is already time for Galway’s first festival of 2016, as Music For Galway unveils its annual midwinter festival, which runs from Friday January 22 to Sunday 24th, at the Town Hall Theatre.

Captive - Music For Galway's multimedia festival

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A MULTIMEDIA festival of music, film, and discussion will make up Captive, Music For Galway's mid-winter festival, which features music written by inmates of WWI Concentration and POW camps.


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