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McHale’s - the water sport experts

Easter is almost here, the clocks are going forward and there is a welcome stretch in the evenings. Now is the time to think about getting active and getting outdoors. Water sports offer a healthy and energetic option to those of you who enjoy feeling the wind in your hair and the splash of water against your skin.

Deep-sea salvage experts to recover £70 million silver off Galway coast

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An American deep-ocean shipwreck exploration company is set to begin a massive salvage operation to recover £70 million of silver which went down aboard a British cargo steamer during World War II 300 miles off the coast of Galway.

Friday night celebration for Ballinrobe Musical Society

Due to the phenomenal success of Ballinrobe Musical Society's recent production of Titanic: The Musical, a night of celebration will be held in Inch's Bar on Friday August 15 at 9pm.

Cruise in the Caribbean with Castle Travel

Picture yourself snorkelling in a secluded cove, wandering through narrow cobblestone streets, or sunbathing on a stretch of powdery white sand. The Caribbean offers thrills aplenty for the winter weary. Departure cities, itineraries, and ports of call may vary, but a Caribbean cruise practically guarantees sun-kissed shores, tranquil turquoise waters, azure skies, and balmy climes. Evelyn Byrne, Managing Director of Castle Travel, is a true cruise convert and has enjoyed cruises in this region among others.

Missing trawler returns safely

The missing trawler that sparked alarm when it went missing off the west coast has returned safely to Rossaveal Harbour.

Sail away – no experience required

Ten Galway teenagers will have the opportunity to win a sail training weekend in May.

Galway was ready to serve...

On the evening that France and Britain declared war on Germany, September 3 1939, the 13,500-ton liner SS Athenia, chartered by the Cunard Line, and bound for Montreal with 1,418 passengers and crew was torpedoed, without warning, 250 miles northwest of Malin Head in the North Atlantic*. The following day the Norwegian vessel, Knute Nelson, was steaming towards Galway with 367 shocked and injured survivors, and asked that the city be prepared to receive them. Other survivors were picked up by British naval vessels and brought elsewhere for treatment, but in total 112 passengers and crew were killed in the attack, 28 of them Americans sailing for home as war was declared in Europe.

The sinking of the Athenia

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The Second World War had only started for 10 hours, and the passenger liner Athenia was steaming across the Atlantic on its way to Montreal from Glasgow. It was 20.00 hours, on smooth seas, and many of the adults on board were preparing to eat dinner while some were putting their children to bed. Some others of the 1,103 passengers were relaxing on deck or in the lounge. There were 305 crew on board.

HMS Bounty to star at the Galway Oyster Festival

The most photographed square rigged sail ship in the world, the HMS Bounty, will be part of this year’s Galway International Oyster Festival.


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