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Should Galway arrest Bertie?

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Bertie Ahern was the “Teflon Taoiseach” from 1997 to 2008. He was nearly impossible to dislike, the ordinary Joe you could enjoy a pint of Bass with in the local boozer, the right man to lead us through the good times.

A trick here, a trick there

Everyone gets a gig during race week. For those who want it, and even for those who don't' - there's always an opportunity to turn a few tricks. A trick here, a trick there. It's as if the world will end come Sunday and a great opportunity to make money will have been lost. And long may it continue. Whether it's lucky Biros outside the races, or bands —any band worth its salt never sees a pillow all Race Week. A trick here, a trick there. B and B. Clear the back room, Bridie, get out the auld duvet. Crank up the toaster...Roll them in, kerrching. Ten thousand gallons of carrot juice. Sprayers attached to the hoses...line up ladies, close those eyes, it's tanning garden, beer streets more like — plastic washing up, thanks guard for that one —kerrching. A trick here, a trick there.

The missing steering wheel and poems to grieve with

PATRICK MORAN grew up in Templetuohy, Co Tipperary, where he still lives. In poem after poem in his new collection Green (Salmon Poetry) he brings absolutely to life the vanished world of small town and rural Ireland.


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