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Castlebar man responds to State board appointment story

A Castlebar man who found himself on the front page of a national daily newspaper over his appointment to the board of State body SOLAS has responded to the story this week.

The Word of God - the abridged version

THEY PARED Shakespeare down to his very essence, now they are about to do the same to the greatest story ever told - The Bible.

‘Ireland took the bullet for Europe when the banks collapsed’

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“Ireland took the bullet for the EU” over the collapse of the continent’s economic and banking institutions, and now “it’s pay back time”, as younger generations should not have to face a future of “austerity in perpetuity”.

Winter leagues comes to the crunch in Castlebar


Everybody’s talking about Carboxytherapy

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Described as the “biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy” by The Daily Mail and “The Miracle Gas” by Brazilian Vogue, Carboxytherapy uses carbon dioxide injections (the invisible, odourless gas that’s in the air we breathe every day) to do everything from eradicating stretchmarks or fading scars to melting fat. It’s used to treat fat deposits all over the body - primarily on classic trouble spots such as buttocks, tummy, hips, thighs, and upper arms.

The man who almost sent Monty to his doom

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On the eve of taking up a world prestigious position no one had such a baptism of fire as Lord Michael Killanin in September 1972. He was to succeed the autocratic Avery Brundage as president of the International Olympic Committee, and was regarded as a breath of fresh air.

‘I feel outside of language’ - author Louise Stern on silence and communication

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AMONG THE many notable writers coming to Cúirt this year is American Louise Stern, author of the much-praised short story collection, Chattering.

Golf, and it’s part in our downfall

I knew it! The chickens are coming home to roost and the part that golf played in creating the current mess is finally being revealed. What have bankers, developers, politicians got in common? They’re all, to the last man and woman, members of golf clubs.

cleere thinking

I was strolling through Dublin one morning last week when I popped into the National Gallery café for a bit of breakfast. This is a good deal in nice surroundings.


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