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Mayo drinkers big tax payout

Mayo people are paying €58 million in tax on booze each year, according to a new drinks industry report.

Seven Galway settlements on latest revenue list

Seven people in Galway made settlements with the Revenue Commissioners in the first quarter of the year, amounting to more than €646,000, according to the latest list of defaulters published this week.

Investment property

I had planned to buy some agricultural land in 2006 but I did not proceed as the price of land at the time was excessive. I believe that prices are now at a reasonable level and I would now like to buy some agricultural land. I would like some advice on the likely taxes I may have to pay. I bought 10 acres of land several years ago and I paid very high stamp duty at a rate of 9 per cent, has this changed? Are there any other taxes I should be aware of, eg Capital Gains Tax?

Candidate will campaign for property tax cut

An Independent Local Election candidate has promised to fight for a 15 per cent cut in property tax if he wins a seat on Mayo County Council.

Coal tax will create fuel black market

A local fuel supplier has warned that increasing carbon taxes is going to lead to a lucrative black market trade in coal.

Councillors want carbon tax postponed

Mullingar councillors are calling on the Government to delay the introduction of a carbon tax on solid fuel, due to come into effect in May.

Improve your home today with a Castlebar Credit Union loan

At the moment for most people buying a new property or trading up is not an option. However given the added benefit of the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme coupled with a home improvement loan from Castlebar Credit Union your dream home could now be the one you are already in.

Thousands of Irish workers in line for average tax refund of €880

Experts at are urging PAYE workers to submit their tax refund applications since the Irish tax year ended on December 31. The tax professionals say that their current average tax refund is €880 for a PAYE worker but that as the Government has gnawed away at various tax reliefs over the last few years they expect that average to drop as the years go on.

VAT 2014 and beyond

From 1 January 2014, businesses which have not paid for supplies (either in full or in part) within a six month period will be required to repay to Revenue the VAT previously reclaimed on these supplies. This is mainly an anti-fraud measure, however it is hoped that it will encourage prompt payments, thus increasing cash flow for suppliers, as we all know that cash is king!! Where the supplier is subsequently paid, the amount of deductible VAT can be reclaimed by the customer again. This is measured on a pro rata basis.

Numbers of large engined cars on Irish roads dwindle

Vehicle data expert Cartell reports that large-engine vehicles (those in excess of 2,000cc) are in decline.


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