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Health on a plate

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Do you sometimes despair about ever getting your family to eat healthy foods? You make all the effort and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables yet they invariably turn up their noses at your offerings.

Christmas recipe

A scrumptious recipe by professional chef and experienced food writer, Emma Lewis, using Canderel instead of sugar.

Grab your wellies and go fruit picking!

Autumn is upon us and the nights are closing in. Instead of resorting to the biscuit tin for comfort we just have to look around us to observe nature’s bounty in the form of ripe green apples on the trees and juicy blackberries in the hedgerows.

CHEF’S corner

Serves 8-10 people

Christmas recipes for Aga

Butternut and nutmeg soup

Apple and Jameson tart


Tasty Treats

Salad of new potatoes and smoked salmon with a dill and mustard dressing


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The weather over the past week has forced me into a difficult decision. Is it barbecue time, or possibly a piece on the versatility of salad? But a delivery of fresh Irish strawberries into the restaurant quickly made up my mind. Is there any fruit to herald the beginning of summer superior to a fresh sun ripened strawberry? In the middle of winter it’s not uncommon to come across, in the shops, these hard lumps of things that look like strawberries but taste of something far removed from a sweet Irish-grown berry. Especially when topped off with a little whipped dairy cream, no chef can better strawberries and cream. Strawberries grow particularly well in Ireland, and more so during the rare sunny summers. They ripen a little slower than on the continent, developing high sugar content.

Get your island on, even on darker nights

For some Hallowe’en party drinks inspiration, look no further than Malibu, the delicious Caribbean rum that makes for mouth-watering cocktails.

Tasty treats

Salmon Kiev in a crust


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