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Moran’s Housing Bill meets cabinet approval

A bill to provide more security to home owners in mortgage difficulties, the idea for which was originally mooted by local Minister Kevin 'Boxer' Moran, has received cabinet approval.

Art exhibition says YES to Repeal

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MORE THAN 30 artists from across Galway will show their support of a YES vote on May 25 through the Art for Change exhibition, which opens next week in the 126 artist-run gallery.

Galway Together For Yes launches campaign to repeal Eighth Amendment

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Voting Yes will "remove the harmful Eighth Amendment from the Constitution" and allow the State "create a caring and compassionate environment for women in Ireland in crisis pregnancy situations".

It’s time to repeal the Eighth - women are counting on you to vote pro-choice

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Since its introduction into our Constitution, the Eighth Amendment has been a serious issue of contention. For many years, women and men have fought for its removal and for reproductive rights in Ireland.

Sub committee formed to tackle knife crime in Mayo

There were eight knife crimes in Mayo over the months of July and August and one serious crime where an axe was brandished. Two people died, a garda was seriously injured in the line of duty, others narrowly defied death, and many families have been severely traumatised as a result of the thuggery. The incidents have left gardaí in Mayo ‘dumbfounded’. Superintendent Willie Keavney said “such a serious litany of incidents” was unprecedented, and was frightening not only for the gardaí but for the general public. He said the practice of young people going out at night with knives had to be looked at. “We are dumbfounded as to what to do,” Supt Keaveney told Monday’s meeting of the joint policing committee. “We don’t want to turn every fellow upside down looking for knives,” he added.


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