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Shark Swimming Club wins award

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Galway's Shark Swimming Club has been named the Connacht Swim Club of the Year for 2017 for overall excellence, and also won the Clubmark Award for corporate governance.

Open assessment day at Shark Swimming Club

Shark Swimming Club Galway is celebrating more than 40 years promoting and encouraging competitive, recreational, and enjoyable swimming. As a non-profit, volunteer-led, competitive swimming club, it is great to see how the club has grown and developed over the years. While it has seen many changes it has retained its strong ethos of encouraging competitive swimming, as evident by the many swimmers who have grown up and are now sending their own children to the club. Indeed some swimmers have come back and are part of the excellent coaching team

Learn more about sharks

European Shark Week takes place from October 11 to 18 and this year the Galway Atlanaquaria will hold a shark day workshop to demonstrate that sharks aren’t just vicious killers from Hollywood movies but important, interesting creatures that need to be conserved.


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