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Get off that couch, your locality needs you

Now that the September meeting of the Galway Races is upon us this weekend, sure we may as well be dusting down the Christmas trees, the winter is heading in so fast. And when we’re done bitching about the weather, let us take a step back and see is there any way that we can make a major contribution this winter to making Galway a better place for a lot of vulnerable people. relaunches website, a leading national youth organisation based in Galway, has undergone a major redevelopment.

Young people of Galway asked to take control

A leading national youth organisation is calling on the young people of Ireland to 'take control and become active citizens'. The charity has undergone a major redevelopment and is relaunching its website to the nation.

Samaritans call on society to move away from fixation with exam results

The Galway branch of the Samaritans is calling on society to stop placing excessive emphasis on examination results.

Galway Samaritans seeks volunteers

The Galway Samaritans which offers a listening ear to the distressed and anxious is seeking vounteers.

Samaritan Christmas concert

The Athlone Samaritans Christmas Festival Concert will be held in the Friary Church, Athlone on Wednesday December 9 at 8pm.

One in ten callers to Galway Samaritans wanted to end their lives

One in 10 calls to the Galway branch of the Samaritans this year were from people who wished to end their lives.


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