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Cinema review: DeadPool 2

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DEADPOOL IS mourning the loss of the love of his life and, despite several attempts at suicide, due to his healing mutant power he cannot seem to be reunited in the afterlife with her.

Cinema review: Deadpool

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IN DEVELOPMENTAL hell for more than 10 years, the Deadpool movie is finally released. A cult favourite comic book anti-hero, this has been destined for the big screen since his inception, but with the success of Marvel's movies, aimed more at kids and young adults, it has been asked if there is a place for a comic book film targeted at the over 16s market alone?

Cinema review: The Big Short

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TRYING TO get your head around the subprime mortgage bubble can be hard. I was under the impression virtually no one came away making any money and it was an all around disaster. The anger comes at the greed and the negligence of the big banks but it's hard to accuse organisation's which acted maliciously.


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