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The rise of the gourmet burger

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According to many, the story of the hot dog begins in America in 1902 during a Giants baseball game at the New York Polo grounds. It centres on an English man called Harry Stevens who on that cold April day was losing money trying to sell ice cream and ice-cold sodas. He wanted something that could be eaten out of the hand and would stay warm, and decided that German dachshund sausages wrapped in long buns worked best. Stevens called them 'red hots'. An American cartoonist who could not spell dachshund renamed them 'hot dogs'.

A gourmet feast of piano music

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A GOURMET has refined taste in good food. A gourmand also appreciates good food, but cannot help 'pigging out' on it. If you have a passion for classical piano, you can indulge your sophisticated taste - without the risk of indigestion - at Music For Galway's 'Piano Gourmand' event.


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