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Our beloved leader

A “dictator” is a head of state who exercises arbitrary authority over the lives of his citizens and who cannot be removed from power through legal means. Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, Than Shew of Burma and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe are all dictators. They rule not because they have the approval of their citizens but because they want to rule. Brian Cowen’s democratic credentials are becoming increasingly suspect in this regard. This is a worrying development because the Taoiseach should be committed to democracy by its definition and not just on his own terms.

Galway Film Fleadh to celebrate its twenty-first birthday in style

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THE GALWAY Film Fleadh is celebrating its 21st birthday this year and from Tuesday July 7 to Sunday 12, it will host world premieres, special tributes, Irish and international features, documentaries and shorts, with a prestigious array of actors, directors, and filmmakers in attendance.

Galway Zimbabweans remain fearful for their country’s future

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Zimbabwe is in turmoil. Robert Mugabe has won another presidential election amid allegations of vote rigging, intimidation, and violence against opposition politicians. African nations will not act. Western governments are divided on what to do.


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