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'Resistance to the far right has to come from the local level'

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Among the speakers at the Galway International Arts Festival’s ‘First Thought Talks’ is Liz Fekete, director of Britain’s Institute of Race Relations. Her recently published book, Europe’s Fault Lines, examines the ominous rise of far right parties across the continent and attendant upsurge of racist and authoritarian policies and ideas.

The Pain and Powerlessness of Resistance!

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Resistance is not accepting, rebelling against or fighting back. This can be seen in all areas of life. It is wanting things to be, as I believe they should be. It is believing that I know best as to how my life, and the lives of others, should be (played out). It a form of God complex, some would say! Non – resistance on the other hand , is the absolute and complete acceptance of life as it is and as it unfolds. It is submitting to life.

Resistance - political discussion youth event

‘Resistance’, a day of political discussion and debate aimed at teens and those in their twenties, will take place this Saturday in the Forster Court Hotel.


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