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ULA public meeting on abortion legislation

Twenty years on from the X case, the State has failed to give legislative effect to the Supreme Court ruling which granted women the right to an abortion in Ireland in limited circumstances.

Pregnancy massage can help mums cope with pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of enormous change, especially if it is your first pregnancy. Not only is your body changing but powerful emotions tug at you as you journey along the path to motherhood. Some women seem to travel this path more easily than others.

Mum-to-be pregnancy and birth workshop

Calling all mums-to-be - are you ready for the birth of your baby? Can you ever be ready for that life changing moment when you hold your baby for the first time? Now you can, by optimising your health during pregnancy and improving your physical and emotional well being with a pregnancy and birth workshop.

Kilkenny records highest number of caesarean section

A Kilkenny surgeon has defended Kilkenny’s high number of Caesarean sections saying that obstetricians are in the business of healthy babies and healthy mothers and he added that obstetricians do whatever has to be done to ensure this result.

Preparing for Birth antenatal workshop

Approaching the birth can be a time of mixed emotions for mums-to-be and their partners. Whether this is your first baby or you have given birth before, you probably have some questions and concerns. Preparing for Birth workshop has been designed to enable couples to feel they can approach birth with knowledge and confidence. Combining knowledge of the labour and birthing process with the benefits of yoga, this workshop covers many topics, including: understanding the process of labour; pain perception and resources for coping with pain; breathing and relaxation techniques; use of movement and gravity assisted positions; medical support; and transition to parenthood.

Acupuncture specialising in infertility

Choosing an established acupuncture practitioner with a proven track record in fertility is of utmost importance, as are communication and trust. Naturally, fertility is an emotive area, and reassurance and understanding are a very important part of the treatment. Professional acupuncturist Rachel Gallagher has been working in this area for approximately six years and has a proven success rate.

Healthy birth directory to be launched next week

A healthy birth directory, a resource for expectant parents and women planning to get pregnant, will be launched in the city next week.

A return to slave labour

Ireland has become a ridiculous country. We have seen health insurance hikes, increases in the cost of electricity, the introduction of the abominable Universal Social Charge, car insurance has gone up, interest rates continue to rise, petrol is on the up too. That is a lot of increases. So what has happened to counteract this continuous rise in the cost of living? Nothing. Instead the minimum wage has been cut, social welfare has been cut, the children’s allowance has been cut and there have been widespread redundancies. It is a ridiculous country really.

Men required for research study into sexual health

The Centre for Research on Occupational and Life Stress and School of Psychology at NUI Galway are currently recruiting individuals to take part in a study which aims to improve understanding of men’s sexual problems within Ireland. Men aged 18 years or over, both heterosexual and gay, are asked to participate in the study.

Antenatal course

The Birthwise antenatal and parenting course will be held on Saturday June 12.


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