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Anti-Pop Consortium @ Róisín Dubh

ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM, widely regarded as cutting edge innovators by b-boy purists, experimental electronic heads, and indie rockers, play the Róisín Dubh on Friday May 15 at 9pm.

Dark Room Notes @ Róisín Dubh

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GALWAY/DUBLIN electronic-pop band Dark Room Notes play the Róisín Dubh on Saturday May 23 at 9pm and will play songs from their debut album, We Love You Dark Matter.

Ben Taylor @ Róisín Dubh

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THE OFFSPRING of musicians often have a hard time in establishing their own musical identity if they choose to follow in their parents footsteps. One exception is Ben Taylor.

Peter Doherty to play Róisín Dubh

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PETER DOHERTY, the songwriter and former frontman of The Libertines and Basbyshambles, will play the Róisín Dubh on Thursday October 15 as part of the Heineken Green Spheres.

Silver Apples @ Róisín Dubh

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BORN FROM the psychedelic US underground scene of the late 1960s, the Silver Apples were a duo whose experimental music helped pave the way for techno and indie rock.

Fred return to the Róisín Dubh

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IT IS often said that sad blokes make better albums than happy blokes, and while many music fans may concur with that, Cork indie-pop greats Fred beg to differ.

Leftover Crack in the Roisin

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LEGENDARY NEW York hc/ska/punks Leftover Crack are due to perform a special gig in the Roisin Dubh on Monday. While a bunch of bands from So Cal were mixing ska and punk in the mid to late ninties a group of New York punkers were mixing up something a tad darker, a mix up of crusty/thrashy punk with ska.

Canadian Ska star

ACOUSTIC SKA/reggae star Chris Murray will play upstairs at the Roisin Dubh tomorrow. A gifted songwriter and dynamic performer, he has captivated audiences throughout the US, Europe, South America, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Canada with his embracing music, penetrating lyrics and soulful presence. From the prestigious Fuji Rock Festival to poverty stricken Oaxaca, Chris delivers his message of hope and humanity with a raw sincerity that connects with the hearts and minds of all.

Galway Americana Festival

THE GALWAY Americana Festival 2009 programme was launched last Friday at The Crane Bar to a large captive crowd with music provided by the excellent Jeff and Vida Band. The festival runs from September 10 to 13.


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