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Fashion show in Horkan’s, Turlough

Today (October 2) the new 12,000sq ft extension at Horkan’s Lifestyle and Garden Centre in Turlough will be officially opened with a fashion show taking place to mark the occasion.

Courses to assist your child

Many children with ADHD have difficulty managing their lives. Parents of these children can benefit from knowing more about how they can provide their children with practical and useful support. Educational psychologist Stephanie Fitzgerald will talk with parents on how to develop practical interventions and strategies that might help their children.

Ballina man pretended to be psychiatric nurse and administered drugs

A 22-year-old Ballina man with a history of psychiatric problems entered the home of two elderly patients who are under the care of the health service, where he pretended to be a psychiatric nurse and administered drugs to a 62-year-old man. He also on the following day locked the man and a 60-year-old woman in their sitting room.


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