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When Harry Met Satan - Flirt FM to premier new radio drama

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THE MOST unlikely place to meet Lucifer is in an Irish pub. Old Nick could be expected to show up at the crossroads, on a night of torment and temptation, or in the pits of Hell itself, but not down your local! Then again, alcohol is sometimes called 'the demon drink' - so maybe he is always lurking at the bottom of the pint glass.

CĂșirt theatre reviews - Perve and Breathing Corpses

AS PART of the Cúirt festival, the Nuns Island Theatre is hosting a theatrical double bill featuring work from two rising stars of today’s generation of playwrights - Stacy Gregg and Laura Wade.

Galway Theatre Festival - a feast of theatre shows

THE FOURTH Galway Theatre Festival returns from Tuesday October 25 to Monday 31 and promises a Bank Holiday weekend of exciting new theatre shows.

Who Needs Enemies? II - Nightmare on Henry Street

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EOIN HANCOCK is lucky to have a girlfriend like Cindy. No matter how angry she gets with him, she sticks around, but he’s quite unlucky to have friends like Bottle, Raymo, and Gonz - the kind of ‘friends’ you would not wish on your worst enemy.

Playing at Plays in Town Hall studio

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YOUNG GALWAY ensemble The Company Productions kick off the New Year in appropriate fashion at the Town Hall studio next week with a new play about the trials and tribulations of putting on a play.


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