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Letter from Ted Hughes to his brother Gerald, April 1966.

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Week II

A portrait of a lady

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Some months after Lady Christobel Ampthill’s spectacular accident (her horse who refused to jump a flooding stream, and she was thrown into the river, and nearly drowned), Michel Déon and his wife Chantal, came across her sitting in her car near Kinvara.* She clearly looked distressed. There was a rumour that she had not fully recovered from her accident. She was getting forgetful.

Mitch presents Indie Disco @ Róisín Dubh

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THREE OF Galway's leading DJs and rising indie rock/post punk band Bob Skeleton will hit the mainfloor of the Róisín Dubh this Saturday for the latest Mitch Presents: Indie Disco.

The North Sea - new single and Monroe's Live show

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"IF THERE'S a better band mining the rich seam of post-punk individualism we have yet to hear it,” declared The Irish Times about indie-alternative band The North Sea, who critics have also been comparing to Editors, Interpol, and early Killers.


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