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“Mountain people tend to be very nice people pretty much everywhere”

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Internationally acclaimed mountaineering author, Simon Yates, will visit Galway’s Town Hall Theatre next Thursday, September 7, to present the visually stunning and hugely entertaining My Mountain Life. Best known for his harrowing expedition to the Andes documented in the book and film Touching the Void, Simon is one of the most famous and accomplished exploratory mountaineers of his time.

Want to know how nice Howard Marks is?

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Better known as Mr Nice, Howard Marks is a writer, creator, contributor, storyteller, comedian, Oxford graduate, philosopher, teacher, stoner, singer, actor, DJ, social commentator, revolutionary, and an all round nice guy. And he’ll be preforming his live show, An Audience with Mr Nice at The Loft in The Palace Bar, Athlone, on Saturday February 12 at 9.30pm.

The return of Mr Nice

HOWARD MARKS was infamous for his cannabis trafficking in the 1970s and is today celebrated for spoken word tours and his autobiography Mr Nice.


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