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Peter O’Toole cements his place among Hollywood’s greatest

Galway-born actor Peter O’Toole joined the ranks of Hollywood’s most celebrated stars at the weekend when he added his hand and footprints to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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Ever imagined what retirement would be like for special black-ops CIA agents, swapping their AK-47s for a pair of slippers or assasinations for flower arranging? Well the transition is not so easy, but when an attempt is made on Frank Moses’ life he wastes no time in getting his old team together and they gladly get back into action once again.


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WITH CLINT Eastwood at the directorial helm I was expecting a lot from this film and thankfully it did not disappoint, giving us a glimpse into how a newly elected Nelson Mandela utilised and pushed for a victory in the 1995 Rugby World Cup in order to help heal old wounds in post-apartheid South Africa.

The Dark Knight swoops into the Eye this weekend

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IN THE 1960s TV series Batman was ‘The Caped Crusader’, but in the much darker films of more recent years, he is ‘The Dark Knight’.

Saoirse to step onto Carlow’s property ladder?

As if she is not busy enough preparing for her role in the new Danny DeVito film The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle alongside Pierce Brosnan and Morgan Freeman, Carlow star Saoirse Ronan is house-hunting, and soon she could be your neighbour!

The best blockbuster of the 21st century, so far

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After waiting in the queue for twenty minutes at the weekend to see Christopher Nolan's latest Batman movie The Dark Knight, and then to be told it was all sold-out it was clear from the outset that many people were just as curious to see if the movie was really as good as it was hyped up to be.


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