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INCADDS would like to open ADHD minds to mindfulness

ADHD is a behavioural disorder associated with cognitive impairments and brain alterations, both structural and functional. Increased rates of co-morbid psychiatric symptoms and secondary impairments such as work or relationship difficulties are commonly reported in ADHD. Cognitive deficits in executive functioning, including attention, working memory, and inhibition have been widely noted, as have difficulties in arousal, motivation, and emotional regulation (self-regulation impairments).

HiddenMind by Tom Griffin

The HiddenMind programme is a method of healing developed by Tom Griffin which combines bio-energy and the power of the subconscious mind to detect and heal the underlying energetic causes of symptoms and diseases.

Discover self-healing at Amber

Amber stays true to its motto of ‘Definitely something different’, providing customers not only with the self-healing and meditation tools such as singing bowls, crystals, and salt lamps, but also offering expert advice.

NUI Galway aims to be first university in Europe to adopt mindfulness culture

NUI Galway will host a conference on October 9-10 bringing together mindfulness visionaries, higher education leaders and University staff and students to share the evidence-based impact of mindfulness on performance, well-being, entrepreneurship and society.

New mindfulness course starts next week

The next eight-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course will run in the Salthill Hotel on Tuesday evenings from September 15.  

Learn mindfulness and self compassion

Dr Rick Hanson, an eminent neuropsychologist, in his book entitled Hardwiring the Brain for Happiness, states that mindfulness training that enhances our abilities to stay with our present moment experience, with an open attitude of acceptance, is in itself not enough. He says that the evolved brain has a negativity bias that makes it like Velcro for bad experience. Therefore we need to build onto our mindfulness training inner strengths from positive mental states, such as compassion and gratitude. Experiential training in developing these positive mental states enables us to meet three of our essential needs, for safety, satisfaction, and connection.  

Bring mindfulness into your life

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There will be a day-long introduction to mindfulness in Esker Retreat Centre in Athenry this Saturday, February 21.

Yoga at Mayo Cancer Support

Writing retreats

A great range of holistic therapies at Holistic Rainbow Clinic

With Geraldine Monaghan at the helm, Holistic Rainbow Clinic, Caherlistrane, has gone from strength to strength. The clinic has a variety of offerings including emotion code, house and land geopathic stress clearings, and sound and energy sessions, so you are sure to find something to soothe your aches or calm your anxiety (Free 100 per cent soul retrievals available).


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