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Titans take Toulouse in overtime

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Galway's Titans senior girls showed great resolve and character to achieve a well-deserved win in their final match at the highly competitive Tournoi Antton Pebbet at the Basque Club of Anglet France, Team ACCB.

Fine Gael poised to gain seats in city in local election

A mixture of familiar faces, dynasties, and at least one new name characterise the make up of Fine Gael’s 2014 Local Election ticket for Galway city.

Galway nurses wanted in sunny Sydney

A local recruitment agency is spearheading a drive to sign up 70 Irish nurses to work in public hospitals in New South Wales.

The inspiring business of Women For Election

Last weekend while the men enjoyed the football, a group of women were tucked away in a hotel in Galway, following an intensive course in politics.

Could Galway return three female TDs

By the beginning of March, when the dust has settled on what promises to be a momentous general election, County Galway will have at least one female TD.

Will the PDs be killed by fatal shots from the grassy Noel?

Just six years and a few months ago, Noel Grealish walked along the prom in Salthill. He strolled alone, deep in his thoughts. It was a balmy summer evening, the likes of which we can only now drool about. For that short walk, many thoughts went through his mind on this, one of the most important evenings of his life.

Ó Neachtáin goes public on fear of Bonner candidacy

You have to feel sorry for Fianna Fáil North West MEP Sean Ó Neachtáin. He serves the party loyally in Galway and Europe and yet, when it comes to elections, HQ seem to be permanently trying to undermine him.

Will Sean Ó Neachtain save Fianna Fáil?

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The man Fianna Fáil has continually, albeit unsuccessfully, tried to shaft, and the man the electorate have successfully shafted twice are the party’s EU Parliament candidates for the North West.

Will a gender quota address the lack of women in politics?

Since the re-establishment of the Galway Borough Council in 1937, very few women have been elected to the Galway City Council or Galway Corporation, as it was then known.


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