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I just want something to pay the bills - where do I start to look?

Q: I run a small shop but, alas, it’s fading. I will have to close it very soon before it eats into my savings. I’m at a stage in my life - both age-wise and in terms of personal priorities - where I am not pushed about finding ‘my dream career’. Really, I just want a job to pay the bills so I can indulge my hobbies. I am prepare to do some training, but would need to know the prospects. How do I find out which sectors might prove worthwhile?

You never know what they’re thinking


Statement of interest can be a trump card

Q: Yesterday I attended for interview for a marketing role and felt I did well. I’m a new graduate and it was my first job interview. This morning, I got an email from the employer thanking me for coming along. She asked me to email her back confirming that I am still interested in the position. I am definitely interested, but found this to be an unusual question. Surely the fact that I turned up for the interview shows that I am interested. How should I reply? (LD, email).

‘We are lucky Galway has a wealth of artists and an arts audience’

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FESTIVALS COME thick and fast in Galway this time of the year. The Comedy Carnival has only just finished, but next week will see the launch of the TULCA Festival of Visual Arts which runs from November 7 to 23.

Leap Card now in Galway – fares up to sixteen per cent cheaper

The National Transport Authority’s Leap Card integrated ticketing scheme is now live in Galway City on Bus Éireann services and on City Direct services (from Cappagh to the West and Oranmore and Parkmore to the East of the City).

Voluntary work – worth the effort?

Q: Some time ago, I was invited to do some work that relates to my hobby. It involved short pieces work on an on-going basis, and one particularly intense bout that required me to take annual leave. So I’ve made a big commitment to this new role – and, to my surprise, I haven’t been paid. I understood there was a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ that I would get paid, but nothing has been forthcoming. As it happens, I am not overly concerned about the money, but I think it would represent some measure of appreciation for what I do. My friends think I’m mad, but I’m wondering if I should continue to do it because the work relates to my hobby and helps me build up good contacts. Any thoughts? (NP, email).

Starting over can bring fresh opportunities

Retrain? It’s never too late.

Plans already in motion for Macnas Halloween Parade 2014

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This year’s Macnas Halloween Parade will light up the Galway streets on Sunday 26 October.

Baby steps to help you through career fog

Q: I’ve been doing the same job for the past 25 years - retail sales. I was reared in it and about 15 years ago I inherited the family shop. It’s all I know, and, to be honest, I am very happy doing it. But it’s fairly obvious my business is going downhill in these difficult times and I’m thinking about going before I am shoved, so to speak. But I have no idea what I might do next, and no clue where to start. Any tips - and I mean ‘early-stage’ stuff, not advanced? Baby steps. (DR, email)

Managing LinkedIn for college graduates

For college graduates, LinkedIn can be an overwhelming medium to negotiate.


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