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Mahoney in awe at 'sacred' nature of Irish theatre

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Since its earliest days, one of the defining characteristics of the Galway Arts Festival is the way it has forged strong friendships with its featured performers and invited them back for repeat visits.


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Ever imagined what retirement would be like for special black-ops CIA agents, swapping their AK-47s for a pair of slippers or assasinations for flower arranging? Well the transition is not so easy, but when an attempt is made on Frank Moses’ life he wastes no time in getting his old team together and they gladly get back into action once again.

Spoof spy thriller is less than the sum of its parts

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A new film from the Coen brothers is always greeted with deserved anticipation, and their latest, Burn After Reading is no exception, as evidenced by a packed cinema last Friday.

Emotionally charged Eastwood flick has Oscar written all over it

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The powerful true story of the courageous woman who was the first to stand up to the corrupt Los Angeles Police Department in the 1920s, Clint Eastwood’s Changeling, is an intensely emotional experience that is hard to watch and hard to stop watching all in the same breath.

Keegan return with Of Mice and Men

WASHINGTON’S VAUNTED Keegan Theatre Company make their annual visit to Galway next week when they bring the John Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men to the Town Hall Theatre.


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