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Selma McCormack goes Full Circle at Kenny's

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FULL CIRCLE may be the name of a long forgotten post-Jim Morrison album by The Doors but it is also the title of an exhibition by abstract artist Selma McCormack, which is certain to make an impact when it opens tomorrow.

Jam Shugar Sessions presents a Jim Morrison tribute night

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This July it will be 45 years since the passing of the rock legend, Jim Morrison. Jam Shugar will be hosting a tribute night to Morrison on Saturday, July 2, with Mayo band, Na Doirse.

Absorb the creation of memories

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It’s all about time. Everything is. Days, hours, minutes, seconds, years. Time plays such a key role in how we create memories, about how we anticipate them. We use and abuse time in so many ways. We rush from A to B to get there a minute early, then waste many minutes doodling or daydreaming when we get to B.  We place value on time and then deride that value. 


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