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Villagers - ‘I don’t feel I’ve reached my creative peak’

HOW DO you react to the most successful year of your career, one that has seen you showered with critical praise and more people than every buying your albums and coming to your shows?

The eclectic delights of The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra

THE BRAD Pitt Light Orchestra can contain anything from five to 10 members on stage for a live show, but the core of the band is siblings Ann, David, and James Blake, who come from a Limerick family steeped in music.

The last free Chieftains of Ireland

Some weeks ago I wrote that probably the greatest muster of the Irish Gaelic lords that ever gathered on a battlefield took their place on either side at Knockdoe, Co Galway, on August 19 1504. The O’Donnells and the O’Neills, from their great northern fiefdoms, fought for law and order on the side of the Earl of Kildare who successfully imposed the king’s rule on his rebellious and quarrelsome son-in-law the Earl of Clanricard, Ulick de Burgh (Burke) of Claregalway castle. Ulick’s marriage to Kildare’s daughter, and his disregard for her, gave the Earl a personal reason for the battle; but his allies were equally anxious to display their loyalty to King Henry VII, the undisputed king of England after the protracted and bloody Wars of the Roses.

Kilkenny conference to focus on strengthening local economic resilience

A conference on strengthening local economic activity is to take place in the Parade Tower at Kilkenny Castle on May 27 and 28.

The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra @ Róisín Dubh

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NAMED AFTER the Hollywood actor who has the enviable distinction of having been hubby to Jennifer Aniston and now Angelina Jolie, The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra play Galway this weekend.


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