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Is Ireland neutral? Like hell it is

Irish neutrality will be protected and copperfastened by a Yes vote to Lisbon. Irish neutrality will be seriously undermined by a treaty bristling with military articles, so it is wiser to vote No.

Michael D calls on Galway to vote Yes

If Ireland votes Yes to Lisbon, the door is opened to a more social EU that defends workers’ rights, but also Ireland’s right to its own laws on taxes, abortion, and defence remain intact and cannot be interfered with.

Ireland has nothing to fear by voting No says Catherine Connolly

Lisbon is not a remedy for Ireland’s economic ills or the way towards a more social Europe. It will simply take the EU further down the road of militarisation and “give away almost all of Ireland’s sovereign power”.

Why I am voting No to Lisbon – Labour’s Cllr Colette Connolly

Firstly, the Lisbon Treaty we are being asked to vote on is exactly the same treaty the Irish electorate rejected in 2008 and also the Dutch and the French in 2005. The Lisbon Treaty is so called because of the failure to gain agreement to name it a European Constitution, hence the word treaty. Why is it before us again?

De Valera, the pragmatist hero

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DURING REFERENDA on European treaties - such as during the recet Lisbon Treaty campaign - you will meet the odd excitable type who’ll tell you that he’s voting No because some closet member of Youth Defence or the Communist Party of Ireland told him the treaty would end Irish neutrality.

Fund-raising dance for the Order of Malta in CastlebarT

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The Order of Malta Castlebar will host a fundraising dance in the Royal Theatre Castlebar on Friday October 16. Music on the night is being provided by Mike Denver with pre-show entertainment by Pat’s Country Roadshow. Compere on the night is Frank Forde. There will be a raffle on the night and also a competition for the best dancers with some great prizes up for grabs. Hotel vouchers have been sponsored by Glen View Hotel, Wicklow, and Hotel Rosslare. The voucher from Hotel Rosslare was sponsored by the Academy Hotel Dublin.

Mayo woman strengthens the Irish Argentine connection

Mary Fitzgerald from Claremorris was among a group of Irish women in agriculture who headed to Argentina for a two-week study tour on October 7. This exciting trip to Argentina, followed by some tourist time in Brazil, was part of the successful Irish Women in Agriculture tours organised by Mary Carroll and Mary Flynn.

Galwaywoman dies during Cameroon holiday

A young Galway woman died of natural causes while holidaying in Cameroon, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Our weather woes will encourage us to help Haitians

Over the past three months this region has suffered at the hands of mother nature — first with the floods which devastated and continues to devastate lives in parts of South Galway and in and around the Claregalway area where many people are still to return to their homes.

Our troubles pale in comparison to Haiti disaster

It is sick to think that during a time of such tragedy that people would even dream of setting up bogus collections in the name of the devastated people of Haiti.


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