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Who cares? You should — so get out and vote

With polling day only seven days away now the heat has been turned up on the local and European election campaigns.

The Village Notes

None of the above

Another stab in the back for rural society

Mr Ó CuÍv if you could follow me please... Just a little further... Right here you are. Isn’t it a lovely little cottage?

Creating a customer feedback scheme

When would you rather find out you’ve lost a customer? In a year’s time when they’ve built a relationship with your competitor, or as soon as you’ve upset them? There’s no use delaying the bad news. If you’ve annoyed them, best to find out sooner so you can put it right.

The white flag has been raised....

Good evening punters and welcome to Ballybrit for the inaugural running of this evening’s feature race

DVD Zone

New on the shelves

Dancing on graves and other stories

It was lovely to see Brian Cowen taking the moral stance on not ‘dancing on the grave’ of his colleague John O Donoghue yesterday.

Fisherman’s Wharf is too good to miss

\Where can you be in the centre of the city, beside St Nicholas’ Church, overlook the Corrib, see the Cathedral in the distance, and at the same time be totally private and secure?

Tiger, chin up. You could be over here with us!

Tiger. It could be worse.


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