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Explore our heritage in the spoken word

There are many fascinating little gems of our heritage contained in the words we speak every day but go unnoticed. For example, the name Scotland translates as ‘land of the Irish’, while another country name literally means ‘fierce people’. The surname Cameron is a transliteration of cama shrón, which Irish speakers will translate as ‘crooked nose’, and Cambell comes from cam béal, meaning ‘crooked mouth’.

No excuses as The Chosen People shun politics

The best laid plans of mice and men, Eh? Well, the mice have certainly been to the fore this week with the news that the beautiful people, the chosen ones, those doyens of the media, those apostles of the commentary box, those Ivorians of the ivory tower have decided that after much bleating, beating of chests, gnashing of teeth and scratching of arses, that they could not be bothered to take part in the forthcoming election and save Ireland for the rest of us.

Green deputy has damaged reputation of public representatives

Dear Editor,


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