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Haunted House at Brigit’s Garden

A Wicked Witch has cast a spell on Brigit’s Garden in Roscahill and has turned it into a Haunted House for Halloween, full of ghosts, ghouls, and strange beasties.

Proust Questionnaire

Which person do you most admire?

Next round of the Coyote Factor is tonight

THE COYOTE Factor - the singing competition at Coyote’s on Forster Street - continues tonight at 9pm. The audience vote is what decides and voting cards are available until 10.30pm

Huckleberry Finn Day

Take part in a fun and unique adventure on the River Moy on August 8 where some 200 crafts will sail down the Moy from Lough Cullin to Coolcronan House in order to raise money for water safety.

Coyote Factor continues

THE COYOTE Factor - the singing competition at Coyote’s on Forster Street - continues tonight at 9pm.

Hallowe’en house of horrors at Karma

The Karma nightclub will be transformed into a haunted house for Hallowe’en night this Saturday so that it has the same eeriness as Galway’s haunted Woodlawn House.

Bags of style

image preview

Choose the perfect bag to complement your festive outfit and boost your style appeal in an instant.

A Dickens of a Christmas treat at the parade tower

For one night only, the Young Irish Film Makers, in association with Office of Public Works, Kilkenny Castle, will present an intimate, dramatic reading of the seasonal classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Alien invasion remake fails to make its impact

Although I have never actually seen the original of The Day The Earth Stood Still, word has it that the remake, which is in theatres now, could have been worse, but that it also could have been a lot better. Robert Wise's 1951 original, based on the Harry Bates short story Farewell to the Master, saw a lone spaceship landed in President’s Park in Washington, DC on “a mission of goodwill”. It was ground-breaking in its day and in that era of curiosity, became an instant classic. In the remake, a massive futuristic globe (kudos go out to the computer-generated techies who worked on this version of the film) descends upon New York's Central Park and out pops a representative of an alien race named Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) and his trusty sidekick robot, an Oscar-esque titanium figure who is eventually given the acronym name GORT (Genetically Organised Robotic Technology). Immediately we know we’re about to embark on a film that, having long surpassed its sell-out date in the believability department, can only be described as cheesy.

“Does the word bumblebee mean anything to you?”

“Didn’t he look well?” asked Judge John Neilan of Alice Joyce, Farnagh, Moate when he questioned her about her husband’s appearance on TV’s Prime Time recently.


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