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Win copies of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

THE GIRL With the Dragon Tattoo by the late Steig Larsson has become the publishing phenomena of recent years, selling millions of copies around the globe.

Laughter in the garden

Familiar authors can still spring surprises. In my case, it was an author – Rudyard Kipling – whom I had not read for many years. Although Kipling was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907, there are, perhaps, few authors whose reputation and popularity have suffered such an eclipse as that of the author of Kim, Captains Courageous, and Plain Tales from the Hills. The only book of his that continues to be popular is The Jungle Book, and that, I suppose, is largely to do with the very successful Disney film of a few years back.

No job too big or too small for Pete’s Car Valeting

From stained seats to tar removal, Pete’s Car Valeting is your one stop shop for bringing your car back to its former glory.

Bluegrass nights for Ulysses

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Thank You JD

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IT IS a story that has been told before but, given the recent news, is worth telling again. In the classroom of a Galway school during the winter of 1966, there was a French teacher of a somewhat volatile nature in that the pupils never knew what was coming next.

David Kitt @ Róisín Dubh

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See Gogol’s The Government Inspector at Druid

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KHLESTAKOV IS a lowly civil servant from Saint Petersburg. He could do with some money so imagine his luck when, in a small provincial town, he is mistaken for a high-ranking government inspector.

Molly Bloom makes her Galway bow

MOLLY BLOOM’S soliloquy, which forms the concluding chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses, is one of the most famous passages in world literature.

Fantastical family adventure in 3D

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JOURNEY TO The Centre Of The Earth takes the original Jules Verne novel as a point of departure, with three unknowing travellers following codes scribbled in the margins of a tattered copy of the book directing them to a hidden world far underground.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at Backstage Theatre

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The acclaimed Washington DC-based Keegan Theatre makes a welcome return visit to Backstage with this American masterpiece One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest on Tuesday September 23 to Thursday September 25.


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