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Flipping good for Pancake Day!

February 21 is Shrove Tuesday. More popularly known as Pancake Tuesday, the day was traditionally the time to use up eggs before the Lenten fast.

Papa John’s and Quiznos Mullingar opening is a super success

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The official opening of Papa John’s Pizza and Quiznos, which took place last week in Spar Ardleigh, was a great success.

Not so happy customers

I have received quite a few emails recently from readers who feel that the standards in many local eating establishments are declining. Service, cleanliness, and food quality are all areas of concern for many. I mentioned this to several people over the holidays and just about everyone exploded with their various negative comments and anecdotes. On a personal note I feel that the once famous Irish welcome is a thing of the past other than in exceptional cases, and it makes me feel very uneasy for our tourism future. This is also true in many shops where you feel like you would need permission to ask a question. Before I put pen to paper I thought about possible reasons for this situation, and it may be that staff are being treated poorly, or perhaps they are under personal hardships, or lack good management, but whatever the reason, it is still no excuse.

Happy in their nappies as Tiny Tots expands

Tiny Tots Paradise Crèche, Montessori, and Homework Club celebrated its second birthday this week.

Paddy Burke’s restaurant and the Clarinbridge Oyster Festival

Along with its nearby neighbour, Moran’s of the Weir, I reckon Paddy Burke’s must be one of the best known landmark pubs in the country. I pass by the front door most days and there are always cars turning in to park, especially tourists who have heard the name or have been there previously. For myself it is the place of one of my earliest culinary memories. During the mid to late 1970s I was a regular diner there, that was when bar food had just moved from ‘hang sandwiches’ to toasted sandwiches (really posh) and to hot food. My absolute favourite dish back then was chicken cordon bleu and it was the most popular dish on their menu for many years. The luxury of it, breaded on the outside, ham on the inside, and a cheesy sauce oozed out as soon as it was cut. I am sure many readers will remember this dish too.

Eat well, feel well!

Over the coming weeks Lynda McFarland from Athlone Nutrition Clinic will offer quick and easy recipes and advice to incorporate into your daily regime to help you feel and look great.

The Best Restaurant in Connaught for 2011

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This is the award that owners Terry Commons and Alan Wong won just a few weeks ago at The Restaurants Association of Ireland Awards ceremony in Dublin.

Twenty per cent off today at Village Food Hall

In conjunction with local catering company Mise en Place the Village Food Hall is hosting a tastings day between 12 noon and 4pm with a massive 20 per cent off everything in store.

The Cellar Bar

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If you ask any student or ex student from Galway where they drink in Galway city, I think The Cellar Bar will be among the top places. It has also been a regular for locals, tourists, and weekenders. It was unfortunately closed down last January for a few months and now is in new ownership, up and running seven days a week.

Flip a pancake for Foundation Nepal on Pancake Tuesday

This year, International Women’s Day falls on Pancake Tuesday, March 8. To mark the day and generate much-needed funds, Irish charity Foundation Nepal is asking people to throw a pancake party at home, at school, or at work and ask people to donate €1, €2 or as much as they can afford.


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