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The power of the human spirit

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You'd envy Gavan Hennigan this morning, so you would.

Notes for the season

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Seven deadly sins of beauty

There’s nothing like the filthy lucre

When we were growing up, we never thought that people like the county council employee or the teacher or the guard ever cared about the filthy lucre. They were people who did the job cos it was part of what they were. In our minds, they were the salt of the earth, who came to their jobs because they had a calling, a sort of vocation brought to them on the road to Damascus, when they were struck by a strong light and told by a booming voice “Son, your future is in forward planning and Section Fours. Now go forth.” Young gardai then were not reared on diets of CSI and Midsomer Murders. No, they were hewn from Connemara rock, with necks like a jockey’s b.. ahem, like a jockey, and with a chest that ensured the silver insignia on their shoulders sat two yards apart. Teachers were normally the lucky ones in a family who would have the good luck to have had a grandmother or an aunt wealthy enough to send just one of them to third level while the rest stayed at home, fought over the farms and descended into a lifetime of alcoholism and inappropriate thoughts.

Harnessing the positive power of negative emotions

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Most of us, if we had a choice, would opt for positive emotions. Feeling happy, uplifted, excited or eager certainly beats being miserable, cross or anxious you would imagine.


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