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Feelings – nothing more than feelings

Regular readers of my column will know that I am a passionate believer in positive thinking.

Bereavement support group

Loss and loneliness can be particularly difficult to cope with over the Christmas period. A six-week Bereavement Support Programme will be held in Iorras Le Chéile, Community Development Project, Main Street, Belmullet starting on Wednesday December 16 at 7pm.

Saturday Forum debate on Christmas

Tomorrow, Saturday December 19, the CRC 102.9 fm current affairs programme Saturday Forum will feature a debate on a side of Christmas which most of us, fortunately, never experience. To many people Christmas is a time of plenty, a time of joy and happiness, but there are others for whom Christmas is a time of great worry and stress, a time when concerns about money and the basic necessities of life come to the fore.

Helping your child to overcome shyness

Parenting a shy child can be frustrating, baffling, and worrying for a parent. If you are shy yourself you will be acutely aware of how your child feels in a world full of seemingly confident people. If on the other hand you are not shy yourself, you will be baffled and often frustrated by your child's behaviour.

Give what you can to Haiti — this is real poverty

Everything pales into insignificance when you hear that the search for survivors in Haiti is to be wound down today as the likelihood of finding anybody alive is utterly diminished some eight days after the tragedy struck.


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