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Centre for Human Right wins major EU contract for Irish law and social data research

The Irish Centre for Human Rights (ICHR), NUI Galway, in close collaboration with project partner the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL), has won a major EU contract for Irish Law and Social Data Research and will become Ireland’s new national focal point for the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). This is the first time that the prestigious FRANET-Ireland contract for data collection and research services on fundamental rights issues in Ireland has been awarded to an Irish University-led bid.

New on-line resource for entrepreneurs from retired experts

A new on-line mentoring service offering expert advice from retired people was launched this week, in the form of - “an online community of retirees contributing to the business landscape by imparting their expert knowledge and know-how to a younger generation of up and coming entrepreneurs.”

Youth council welcomes call for ‘Mosquito’ alarm ban

A call by the Council of Europe to ban the ‘Mosquito’ electronic alarm device used as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour has been welcomed by The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI). According to Clodagh O’Brien of the youth council, the use of the Mosquito reflected badly on local authorities and private companies “who appear to think it is acceptable to negatively stereotype all young people because of the actions of a few”.

Senior moments are all part of growing old

The continuing imposition of ‘austerity measures’ yet again this week, with even more taxes to empty our coffers through new levies and cutbacks, is enough to make a body feel old. Imagine, though, if we all really were old right now in this modern youth-obsessed society of ours — what would it be like having to worry about not only funding our remaining years through a dwindling pension, but also the looming handicap of health issues?

Racism has no place in Irish society

We live in a multi-cultural society which in recent years has seen a steady influx of immigrants from all over the world.

We all have a role in eliminating sterotypes

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The Equality Authority previously published a background paper on gender stereotyping in the marketing of goods to children. This publication highlighted how girls are portrayed as dependent, passive and nurturing in these advertisements and how boys are portrayed as independent, aggressive, and active.

Study reveals discrimination against job applicants with non-Irish names

Job applicants with identifiably non-Irish names are less than half as likely to be called for interview as those with typical Irish names, according to a recent experiment. The research, the first of its kind to be conducted in Ireland, found a similar level of discrimination against those with an identifiably African, Asian, or European (German) name.

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