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WRAP Fund can inspire a new generation of storytellers

I often think that the best inspiration for doing something creative is to drag yourself out to a bit of wilderness and let a chunk of nature put ideas into your head. Out here with just the wind and the rain and the waves and the hills and the greenness to act as your creative palate, it is amazing how soon things start to make sense and stories start to be created in your head.

An exhibition of quirky 'world maps'

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A QUIRKY, idyosyncratic, and witty series of maps by the award winning illustrator Terri Kelleher, is currently being exhibited at the Renzo Gallery Café, Eyre Street.

Waze & Odyssey @ Electric

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WAZE & ODYSSEY have, in just a couple of years, gone from little more than an anonymous Soundcloud account to one of the most talked about dance acts around. Galway will see why when the London house music production and DJ duo play the Electric Garden and Theatre on Thursday November 13 at 11pm.

Belgian professor delivers free master classes on open innovation

A leading Belgian professor will host a lecture and masterclasses on open innovation this week.

MART seeks public support for American exhibition

THE GALWAY based art organisation MART is seeking support and donations from the public for a major exhibition to showcase Irish artists’ work in the USA.


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