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How many of these do you know? Lee Sharpe, Alan Shortt, MacLean Burke, John McGuire, Sean Gallagher, Joe O'Shea, Jack Sheedy, Paul Martin, Rob Ross and Ben Clark. They're all described 'as well known personalities' by RTE and took part in a recent charity boxing tournament, Lord Of The Rings. They may be 'household names' somewhere, but definitely not in the Cleere household.

Lost in space

Not sure what happened to last week’s column, which disappeared into the great internet black hole. It meant that the hurlers had to take the field without my good luck wishes, but, as it turned out, they weren't needed anyway.

Ballina look to roll back the old cup magic

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If you have an interest in basketball in Ireland, then Kieran Shannon’s magnificent opus on the history of the game Hanging from the Rafters would have been on your Christmas wish list. The award winning journalist’s trawl back through the glory days of Irish basketball is a must read for any sports fan, not only those who are fans of basketball. In the book Shannon dedicates a chapter to the boys from Ballina and their triumphs and tragedies, concentrating on the glory days around the early 1990s.

Paying roads repair money by kilometre is fairest

Now that the ice has melted and the snows have disappeared, people are really appreciating the opportunity to get out of the house and travel in a manner that was denied them during the cold snap.


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