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Step it out for MS on Easter Monday

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Hundreds of people are set to walk, jog or run a 6.5 kilometre route on Salthill Promenade on Easter Monday to raise money for people with multiple sclerosis.

Conference to discuss Irish monks’ mix of science and faith

In mediaeval times, Irish monks were the leading experts in Europe in Computistics, a mixture of science, mathematics, and religion, where the three disciplines were not antagonistic, but complementary.

Conference to discuss ancient Ireland’s contribution to mathematics

The era of ‘the island of saints and scholars’ is no myth, but a dynamic period of Irish history, aspects of which will be discussed and analysed by leading scholars at an event in NUI, Galway.

When Irish monks led the way in maths and science

Ireland was the intellectual powerhouse of the Mediaeval era, excelling not only in the field of art and philosophy but also in mathematics - a fact which will be examined at a conference in NUI, Galway this weekend.


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