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Discover the fresh, Irish produce that goes into a Supermac’s grilled chicken sandwich

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Irish farmers and suppliers are at the heart of an upcoming promotion of the grilled chicken sandwich by Supermac’s. The chain of family restaurants is launching a campaign that highlights the 100 per cent fresh Irish chicken used in the sandwich, reared by Irish farmers and served in artisan wholemeal buns supplied by Coughlan’s bakery in Naas. The Batavia lettuce and red onion are supplied by Curley’s Fresh Food in Castlegar, Co Galway, and the recommended chipotle mayonnaise is supplied by Spice O’ Life in Dunmanway, Co Cork.

Supermac’s launches fresh chicken sandwich

Supermac's continues the charge to end the race to the bottom for fast food in Ireland, by continuing to take the public's need for transparency and provenance into account.

Not so happy customers

I have received quite a few emails recently from readers who feel that the standards in many local eating establishments are declining. Service, cleanliness, and food quality are all areas of concern for many. I mentioned this to several people over the holidays and just about everyone exploded with their various negative comments and anecdotes. On a personal note I feel that the once famous Irish welcome is a thing of the past other than in exceptional cases, and it makes me feel very uneasy for our tourism future. This is also true in many shops where you feel like you would need permission to ask a question. Before I put pen to paper I thought about possible reasons for this situation, and it may be that staff are being treated poorly, or perhaps they are under personal hardships, or lack good management, but whatever the reason, it is still no excuse.

Quest for honey mustard chicken sandwich saw Inverin student get hot at McDonalds

One drunken Leaving Cert student was ‘loving it’ at McDonald’s a little too much when he became verbally abusive to staff in demanding his honey mustard chicken sandwich.


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